40 ft Odissey 420 Sailboat

Boat Details

Length 40 ft

Trip Details

About This Sailboat:

With “Sailboat Odissey 420”, you will have a luxury sailing experience, sailing with enormous sails, amplitude in the cabin that has 2 cabin, dining room, and bathroom, Amazing crew and many amenities to enjoy sailing trip Rates starting as low as $180 USD per hour (minimum of 4 hours).

What You Can Expect:

“Sailboat Odissey 420” offers multiple plans to explore the beaches of Isla Mujeres with luxury and comfort, having a capacity of 10 persons, makes your vacation with family or friends is much more idyllic than what do you imagine.

You can visit famous Islands around Isla Mujeres and relax. Take a dive into the crystal-clear water of Isla Mujeres, use the snorkeling equipment (included) to explore the beautiful coast.

Per Hour Sailing Tour

  • $720 USD
  • Note: $720 USD rate is for 4 hours for up to 10 persons. This Amazing Sailboat Odissey 420 can be hired for up to 8 hours for maximum 10 passengers. Extra Hour Price is $170 USD. 
    It is a wonderful tour enjoying the sun on the turquoise waters around Isla Mujeres, navigating by sail, on board the “Odissey 420”, one of the most elegant and luxury Sailing Boat. You will be sailing along Cancun Coast, in one of the most beautiful pristine waters spot from the whole Sailing World, where there always is present, an adequate wind, perfect to Navigate, where the blue color from the sky appears to be part of the blue color from the Ocean creating an spectacular and Unique event.
    Bar aboard: Ron, Tequila, Vodka, beer, mixed cocktails, shots, juices, soda, and water,
    Snakes: Tortilla chips, freshly made guacamole, beans, rice, fresh cut salsa, and additional sauces
    Extras include: Snorkeling and gear

    You can bring with you: 
    Light sportswear, swimming suite, towels, walking shoes, hat, camera & suntan lotion
Extra hour(s) 180 USD, Additional Passenger rate: 180 USD